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We simply adore these here at PuddyPooch and are very excited to be selling them.

These doggie wellies are not just incredibly fashionable and funky looking they are also very functional and practical which is why they are so great.   I call them wellies for fun as they are essentially little waterproof socks for paws and act as paw protectors.

Imagine, it's time to walk doggie and the weather is awful outside.  You pop your waterproof shoes or boots on and now you can pop pooch's on too.  When you return,  you remove your footwear and your doggie's paw wear leaving nice dry paws so no muddy wet paw prints on your floor or carpet!

Protects little paws from ice, snow and salt too not to mention hot pavements.    If there is anything you don't want your pup's paws coming into contact with just slip on Pawz protective boots.   Also if your dog is prone to cuts on their pads Pawz will cure this problem.

These are the obvious advantages of the Pawz Dog Boot but there are many more.

Please take a look at the product for further information on this amazing accessory and view the You Tube video, I guarantee you will be wanting to buy some for your pooch.