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Posh Cat Collars

Cats have 'staff' not owners, which I happen to know is very true.   Pamper and spoil your puddy with one of our beautiful collars made in and imported from the USA.  Pooches have posh and luxurious collars and here at The PuddyPooch Pet Boutique your cat can too.

Choose between luxurious velvet or leather look vinyl with gorgeous Swarovski Crystals or Pearls in a choice of colours and designs.   These collars look stunning on cats.

The only problem is your cat will now expect to be waited upon even more than they already are!

The collars are beautifully made and very good quality with gold or silver coloured buckles.

Each collar has an elastic safety joint, we would never sell a cat collar that is not a safety collar as we know how important this is for our own cats.

There are also the very beautiful Puchi and Bobby cat collars that looking stunning on any lucky puss.