Luxury Dog Beds - Shop for carefully chosen, stylish, quirky and attractive items for your pet

If you have ever yearned for the perfect sleeping place for the King or Queen, Prince or Princess of the household then you need look no further. 

Beautifully made and very luxurious pet beds in a choice of styles and sizes for the more discerning pet owner who wants to buy something a little bit special for their loyal companion and to display in their home.

As well as being very comfortable for your pet the beds will compliment the interior of your house and form a stylish addition to your decor.  Made to the same high standard you would expect from your own furniture you would not just be treating your pet to an opulent place to rest their weary head but creating a design feature for you.

Please have a browse at the range of beds and the useful size guides to assist you in choosing the correct size and style for your pampered pooch.