Photos Of Pets With Our Products

We love to see photos of our products being enjoyed by pets. Please feel free to e-mail photos to [email protected] or post direct to our Facebook page.

Missy & Coco in their front car seat cradle

Poppy in her floral coat

Cassie in her Puchi Reindeer t-shirt

Lottie in her personalised pet tag

Hugo enjoying his Snuffle Beer

Hugo in his Santa Paws coat


Geordie in his Push Pushi raincoat

Phoebe in her Push Pushi raincoat

Bentley in his Rainbow Paws Puppy Bumper

Tiger in his Petsglow Collar

Beau in his Woof Off bandana

Phoebe in her Neon Puppia Harness

Diesel with his Staglers

Cassie with her Woof Off bandana

Phoebe in her Puppy Angel Winter Vest Harness

Beau showing off his owner's Jute Bag with him on!

Thornton in his Woof Off Cancer bandana.  The lovely Thornton recovered from cancer himself but unfortunately had to have his ear removed

Murphy being a Superpup!

Tiny Mylo in his blue harness

Sage in her Woof Off bandana

Phoebe in her Puppia Spring Garden harness

Frankie in his fun t-shirt

Morris being a Superpup

Murphy in his star bandana showing off his owner's bag

Riley in his cute jumper

Willow with her Jammy Slobber and Pawbon toys

Murphy with his Lips toy

Bentley Bollinger in his Town & Country coat

Parker being a Batpuss!

Sparky in his diamante 'S' tag

Spencer being a Superpup

Saffron being a Supergirl

Zeus in his Apple bed

Dave with his Thirsty Milo

Dora the Singapura

Peggy Sue in her jumper

Willow being a Supergirl

Bertie in his Puchi Tiger harness and lead

Maisie with her Lips toy

The winner of our hunt the zzzzzzzs competition